Moving house

If you’ve relocated before, you how hectic and expensive the process can be. But ultimately, what kind of moving experience you’ll have depends on the company you choose. Considering the huge cost, it is important that you find the most reputable company in your area. Here are a few basic steps to follow when choosing Los Angeles movers.

Online research

Getting recommendations from friends or coworkers is nice, but doing some homework online has become essential for these kinds of services. What you’re interested in is consumer reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings.

You will find consumer reviews for most companies on major business directories such as Yelp and Angie’s list. But don’t just skim through the overall ratings; pay particular attention to customer complaints. How many people are complaining and how negative are the experiences? The BBB website also keeps ratings and is probably more reliable for checking a company’s reputation. You can call them up and ask about any complaints a particular business has received.

Review legitimacy

On legitimacy, there are a number of things to check. First they should be properly licensed and to operate legally. You can find this out by going to the website. Here you’ll just enter the company’s USDOT or MC number to search your prospective company. If the Dot number entered is correct, you’ll be presented with a screen full of information about the company. This includes their address and contact details, licensure status and tings such as scope of operation.
A reputable Los Angeles moving company should be incorporated in your state, have a physical address, and should have obtained licensing and insurance from the FMCA (Federal motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Obtain estimates in writing

If you were looking for the best and cheapest moving company in and around Los Angeles, then you must get estimates from a few companies so you can do a comparison. Beware though of companies that give significantly lower estimates than the rest–it could either be a scam, or maybe it’s just your lucky day. Still, it’s important that you receive these estimates in writing.

When a company representative comes over to your house to inspect your property, be sure to show them everything you have including what’s in the backyard and the basement. It is possible that the estimator will alter the initial estimate when they find out that there’s significantly more stuff than had been accounted for.


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